We at Albayan Radio We love to provide quality content & services  to our community, such as:


At Albayan Radio we are on a daily basis producing unique content exclusive to our listeners. The bigger we grow the more we produce quality content!

From the programs that are aired on Albayan Radio we have daily live English & Arabic programs catering for the wider Sydney community ; Males , Females, Youth , Children , Muslim and non-Muslim.


At Albayan Radio we only play that which is 100% compliant to the Qur’an & Sunnah, Our content goes through a screening process to make sure that our content meets the standard of our ON-AIR policy.

Albayan Radio is a community radio station, and we love to be just that! We hold community events to create awareness and service the community, and these events are as such :

–        Awareness  programs

–        Give away programs

–        Holiday programs

–        Promotional events

–        Competitions

And through this we believe that we can build a bridge with the community and give them the voice to be heard with.