about us


Mission Statement

Albayan Inc is committed to providing for the Greater Sydney region.

The best in Islamic programming. We are reaching the needs of our listeners with quality Islamic live lessons, readings, Talk back and open forums, as well as a mix of local and world news, weather and sports. Albayan Inc’s mission is to reach the lost, encourage the saved and educate the curious though Islamic formats.     


 Company History

Albayan Inc is currently operating from a dedicated studio in Sydney, NSW.  Albayan Incorporated currently relies on donations, grants and further funding to operate.

The coming about of Albayan Inc began 25 years ago with the idea of a small group of Mashayekh. Their vision was simple; to spread the word of Islam. They began doing so in varied mediums, eventually recognizing their ability to reach people through radio.

The Mashayekh secured a live weekly segment on a Community Radio. This method of instantly reaching a broader audience was successful for a number of years until reaching a point at which the group was no longer able to sustain the segment.

In the years following, the prospect of a radio station resurfaced, only to be short-lived due to a lack of funding.

In 2012 the concept of Albayan Inc was introduced by the current staff who strategically mapped out a success plan based on previous data and their own ability to gain and retain community support along with funding to further establish the proposed radio station.